Welcome to our Travelling Homestead. Creating Homestyle Jaffles and Beverages.


We aren’t just a food trailer… We are an experience. Homemade, preservative free, keg brewed soft drinks served straight from the tap. And of course our
delicious jaffles. Made fresh and served direct from our inviting homestead bar environment.

A place we believe feels like the local, a place to go and share a meal and a drink with your friends and family.

Australian culture is founded on family, equality, humour, and enjoyment of life. We love family, food and fun! The Traveller offers not just our products and friendly service but an atmosphere and experience of yesteryear nostalgia.

We love the environment, and value what it gives us, so recycling, and composting is important to us, we use biodegradable products and paper based, no plastic here folks!

We are a family owned and operated business. We are a jolly, fairly laid-back crew of mixed origins. Our childhoods were filled with home cooked flavours, it’s our history of growing up. It reminds us of our family, our traditions, fun and food!

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